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Why Freight by Water?


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For journeys that are 'waterside to waterside' costs can typically be 20% less than road; sometimes even better than that.    Examples of such movements include:

Note: For movements ex docks there is sometimes an 'overside saving' or inducement to tranship direct from ship / silo to barge and avoid the use of sheds or wharf so reducing congestion.  Where a road haul is involved at one end of a journey (without a storage element) water transport can still work, but if road is required at both ends then this will rarely be cost effective.

Water transport is also extremely environmentally friendly! 

Even a single 25 tonne narrow boat can beat a lorry of similar size in terms of fuel consumption - larger craft are even better!

A 2006 Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research paper showed that water freight produces 75% less carbon than road transport.

See:  for more information.

  • Enhance Your Image

Vessels can carry advertising material to demonstrate your company's green credentials.

Barge transport can also provide floating storage at no extra cost.


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